Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rice Crop

Rice is the most edible grain in the world after maize but if we are talking about the human intake the Rice comes first as maize is not only use as human intake. It has great nutritional values as it has carbohydrate content in it and proteins but not all essential proteins are present in it. Rice can be cooked with different recipes and has a delicious taste.
Rice can grow in any area with hard clay soil which has hard pan because it requires plenty of water to grow so it should be cultivated in areas which has good water resources and also low labour cost as it also needs many labours especially during harvesting . Rice can be grown for the reclaimation of saline soil as it leaches the excess salts. After setting the seedlings in field, it is required to irrigate the field with plenty of water as this water reduces the chances of weed production. Rice are harvested when their seeds become dry and has water 25% water content. Harvesting can be done with machines but in most of the Asian countries it is done manually. After harvesting, the chaff (outer covering of seed) is removed by using rice huller. At this time the rice is known as brown rice but it still has husk which also have to remove so the product is white rice which are now ready to cook.

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