Friday, May 27, 2011

Landscape Design; Make Your Garden Beautiful

Landscape design is a term use to describe the preparation of a garden or lawn. You can make your garden beautiful by following some simple rules which are as follow:
1. Colours: Colours mean the colours of flowers and foliage. Colour combination is up to your choice weather you like hot colours (red, orange, yellow) or you like cool colours(green, blue, purple) but my advice for you is to use combination of different colours so that your garden look colourful. White is also a good colour for your garden.
2. Texture: It means the appearance of plants. The texture of foliage, branches and twigs either coarse, medium or fine. Coarse has dense and broad foliage and these are more dominant in a landscape. Fine texture plants are mostly delicate and has foliage very fine or needle like. It is better to use combination of coarse and medium textured plants.
3. Form: Form or Shape of plant is also an important factor.
4. Line: Line is the arrangement of plants. It is very important to arrange the plants in a good manner to avoid an impact of bad view. An appropriate distance should maintain among plants according to the requirements of plants.

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