Monday, May 21, 2012

Mushroom Cultivation; Spawning

In case of mushroom cultivation, spawn means the propagative material used by the mushroom growers for propagating bed is called spawn. The spawn is sort of seed as in higher plants. It actually is the mycellium of the  mushroom. Spawn is of different types depending upon its production. 
First type is the Virgin Spawn. In this type of spawn, the spores of the mushroom fall on suitable substrate and germinate and form a mat of mycellium. When the mat form, it is dug from here and use as spawn for the production of mushrooms. The second type is the Flake Spawn in which the spawn is produce when the beds are covered with mycellium before a crop of mushroom appear, then this composte is broken in small pieces, dried and used as spawn. The third type is the Brick spawn. Small bricks of horse and cow dung mixed with water and loam are used to made in this method. Mycellium is inoculated in a small hole in each brick and when mycellim grow, these bricks are dried out and sold as spawn. Grain Spawn is another type of spawn. This type of spawn is most popular all over the world. Another type of spawn is the Substrate Spawn. The spawn that is produce on substrate is known as substrate spawn.

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