Sunday, May 20, 2012

Symbiosis Between Insects and Microorganisms

As earlier we discussed nature of symbiotic relationship among insects and microorganisms, now i want to explain some example of symbiotic relation between insects and microorganism. First example is the Ambrosia Beetles. In this relation, beetles feed on a white glistering material which produced by the fungus. Ambrosia mainly belong to the group Xyloterus and Xyloborus. Ambrosia beetles belong to the family Scoltidea.
The second example is the living of fungi on termites. Very little is known about the identity of fungi cultivating by the termites. Fruiting body of Xylaria and volvaria have been found associated with the termites garden.
protozoa living inside the digestive tract of termites is another example of symbiotic relation. A large number of protozoa are present inside the termites and help in the digestion. Protozoa are found in wood eating termites and it has been proved that these help the termites in digestion of cellulose. 

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