Friday, May 13, 2011


As everybody knows that water is the basis for all living things. Supplying moisture to the crop through a manually, electrically or Mechanically manged system is called Irrigation. Moisture is essential for the plant growth, it transport nutrients from the soil to the plant, it cools down the soil temperature and it facilitate the microbial life in soil necessary for plants.
Sources of Irrigation: Mainly three sources are known as a source of Irrigation Water.
1. Surface Water: It includes all river, lakes, steams and any running water. Water coming from the mountains due to the snow melting is the source of this type of Irrigation.
2. Ground Water: Water present inside the earth is a major source of irrigation water which can be pumped through tube wells.
3. Rainfall: Rainfall is not a reliable source of water as it may increase or decrease. It is also not sufficient in some areas as the rainfall in arid and semiarid regions of world is not sufficient to meet the needs.

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