Monday, May 9, 2011

Management of Wheat Diseases

A farmer used to be very touchy about his crop especially if it is an important crop as wheat. He wants to know that what should he has to done to save his crop from all kind of biotic and abiotic pests that cause reduction in his profit by damaging the crop.
Chemical usage is going to increase for the control of wheat pathogens. Few famous chemicals that are available in market are disulfoton (Di-syston), methyl parathion, chlorpyrifos, dimethoate, diamba and glyphosate. Although, mostly farmers use chemicals for pest management, but it cause many side effects like environmental pollution, resistance in pests due to mutation and bad for human health also.
Culture practices may help to reduce the threat of disease. Cultural practices include selection of land, seedbed preparation, removal of weeds from the land, planting dates, etc

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