Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wheat Crop

Wheat (Triticum aestivum ) is a very important crop which is cultivated everywhere in world. The most wheat producing countries are China, India . USA, Pakistan, etc. Wheat is the fundamental food in Pakistan. Pakistan stands on ninth position in a list of largest wheat producing countries. Province Punjab is the largest wheat producing area in Pakistan which is approximately 70% while Sind Province is the second largest wheat producing area. Mostly wheat is planting in two season or you can say that wheat is of two types when grouped according to season i.e., Winter Wheat and Spring Wheat. First one is planting from mid-August through October and harvesting time is mid-May to mid-July. While in case of Spring wheat, it mostly planted from April through May and harvested from mid-August to mid- September.
A farmer can get better crop if he follow some simple tips. First of all, he should conserve moisture by deep tillage technology. Irrigation is a very critical issue at the time of grain formation, so it should done with great care. Some chemicals should use as seed dressing to avoid seed born diseases and also some pesticides should use against weeds to reduce competition for space and food. Fertilizers are very important to enhance production. Potassium fertilizers must be used it wheat grown after rice. And the most important thing is that farmer should use approved resistant varieties.

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